[ANN][Squeak-dev Beta Image] Version 123

Ken G. Brown kbrown at mac.com
Thu Jun 28 22:04:44 UTC 2007

Actually in thinking about it a bit further, I wouldn't mind seeing something like:

or really, what good does Beta even serve?
or even shorter for example if that's what is wanted:


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>2007/6/28, Ken G. Brown <kbrown at mac.com>:
>> I'm a bit confused with all the different versions of everything.
>> Might there be a more consistent methodology of versioning?
>> On June 18th, you mentioned changing your versioning scheme.
>> Might I ask which version of 123 is this? As far as I know there already was a dev version 123.
>Stˆ©phane answered to an old mail that's why the title is 123. My two
>last images are named squeak-dev-07.6 and squeak-dev-beta-07.6. Beta
>images have always been based on 3.10 whereas non beta are based on
>> Could the dev image include the 3.9 or 3.10 along with the update level in the versioning?
>Isn't the "beta" in the name enough?
>Damien Cassou

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