SmalltalkImage current

Giovanni Corriga giovanni at
Fri Jun 29 09:00:39 UTC 2007

Il giorno ven, 29/06/2007 alle 01.04 -0700, Andreas Raab ha scritto:

> I eventually got so tired about the whole mess that was left behind that 
> in Croquet I simply moved everything back from SmalltalkImage to 
> Smalltalk and only left delegation stubs in SmalltalkImage. So that if 
> you want to type your fingers bloody saying "SmalltalkImage current 
> platformName" be my guest; but really I won't make you. And it will be 
> compatible with other versions (except of course the latest 
> versions but that's not my choice to make).

Interesting. Can I ask why you chose to move everything back to
Smalltalk and delegate from SmalltalkImage current to Smalltalk instead
of the other way around?
Would turning Smalltalk into a full-fledged facade object be a good


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