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Sat Jun 30 10:36:50 UTC 2007

(I'll be happy if noone read that , I don't
like what and how I wrote (but i didn't write
anything I don't think) It is an answer to 
some messages I was supposed to answer long ago
but I wanted to be sure in my answer...
and that took a monstrous amount of time :-)
As I don't plan anything smalltalk related in future
it seems to be last time to write an answer...
And maybe most important to say is :I deeply 
regret and feel no excuse for time of much
more important people than me reading and answering
my messages took)

To be smart is like being a movie star,
some people want to help You but more 
like to use You or just to touch You
and tell You are their friend. So You 
don't learn realy much about ethic of
commmunity You live in -fools learn the
ways community treaths those who it doesn't
recognise like its members .
 A community is free and open when it 
don't exclude too much people ...and don't
have a long list of "disabilities",qualities,
and characteristics that it "recognise" as 
allien ...And what french people contributed
when it is known for what one will be excluded
("law") and for what can not be (i.e. "rights")
i.e. "I think You fool" is not a good reason
because "fool" is difficult to define and 
"I" is not the source of the law
 Looking back from now I think that 
Squeak community I quit ~5 years ago is
as close to communism as I ever saw ,from
malformed idea of progress -"language for
children" (and some very brutal forms of that
idea could be discovered in internet like "children
to think much beter than adults now" -i just
wonder if noone in smalltalk world knew
an old story about king that decided old people
don't contribute to his welth anymore and ordered
all old people to be executed ...)-
coresponding to "power to THE working class".

It is not that idea for language understandable
for children is bad or I don't like it.
I was 3 year old when I understood programming.
I could not read , write , play music or do
"1+3" but I saw some diagrames (not idiotised
block-schemes where arithmetic and choice rules) and 
i got it :You compose some rectangles and You 
program is ready .It was not my business who
put what is in the rectangles I just knew
that from few blocks one can build endless worlds.
That idea about programming was known in 50-ies!!!
And then Fortran-Algol-Pascal , Assembly-C and 
Gods-of-Cobol take the world ...So when I said 
to my father "You know I think I can do it" he
was just shocked how iresponsible I am for what
I say - he knew just too much to understand me...
He knew fortran and that I can't do "4853+87437"
=> so he was right to think that I can't do
FORTRAN programming ...I wasn't one of the
first smalltalk kids just because I'm born 
in communist country ...and what it means is another story

The point is that including one group of people 
should not exclude another. 

Then it comes the brainwashing - Scientific Communism
and Object-Orientation.And I have one question on that
if I understood it when I was 3 should I stay there and
to be treathed as 8 years old idiot who can't do anything
more than when was 3 ...forever? In old times von Neuman
and Wiener was in titanic competition working in every
field of math from logic to quantum physics and computing
was just a part of new math they invented ..."I can't do 
cohomology , quantization , or even what von Neumann already
did but don't worry I can object"- great philosophy ,isn't it?
Did someone used word "algebra" , may I hear that story 
and just to leave Object Systems in Jean Baudrillard's books? 


After reading maybe first of McLuhan's books I realy don't
like him "Lights off!Shut it down!Culture worths nothing!"
is realy not somethink I like to think on.My father never 
read Montesori and it was not a problem for him to teach me
more than he could imagine love and fairness were enough
The point is that ideas in smalltalk somehow become too
easy .... too easy to fake And use for whatever purpose
(and i think it is something people in communist countries
in 1975--1985 experienced too)


I wrote the stupide message like physicists do experiments
to understood the laws of nature, I wanted to know how the
community of free and open smalltalk act on stupidity and
if that is reason for exclusion...and something even more
fundamental "what is stupide" in that comunity(and if my
idea for stupide have something common with ) ...

I had two answers ...
First was only one I hoped to not have . It was very very 
generous and in a way very stupid , becouse if The King 
answer personaly to every fool it would be busiest King
in the world of most unsructured and lazy community...
But I hoped He will think on that 

Second answer was for a message I send to foundation ML
from Marcus Denker looks like this"What do You care if
You knok at hte door and nobody opens or if someone opens
just to tell You You are not invited to that party?"
This is realy great answer.Why I should care if I'm 
not invited in smalltalk world , why to care what's 
going inside it and if he (miss)used his power by telling
me that I'm not invited?

Smalltalk is language that i miss from when i was 3
and I stupidely promised something to my father without
knowing that this was our last conversation and there
will be no way to take that promise back .But smalltalk
come at too high prise for me to lost any pleasure 
of finding things out.(which I think is worse than unkept

I regret this message become so long and for most things
I didn't planed to include but i did and for mistakes and
completely broken grammar and for the fact it become collection
of fragments difficult to reasemble and read (but reading and
writing (of the same text) are completely unrelated things
and reading is creative process so what You read is up to You)
And my only excuse is I'll never write again (here) .

С бензин в кръвта!

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