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Blake blake at
Sat Jun 30 21:06:39 UTC 2007

On Sat, 30 Jun 2007 04:38:11 -0700, stephane ducasse  
<stephane.ducasse at> wrote:

> Retrospectively it was also a mistake for me to invest in Squeak and in  
> the future I will see if we can gather a
> group of people that just want to have fun building a better system but  
> not taking the responsibility of the rest.
> Forking is the only way so it should that way.

I don't think that's such a horrible or tragic outcome. Squeak benefits  
greatly from Stephane's work (IMO), so it's a loss in one sense if he  
decides not to work on it, but at the same time, if he's frustrated by  
those who are at cross-purposes, a fork is a good solution.

On the one hand, Smalltalk is meant to be altered in dramatic ways, on the  
other, people are trying to get work done. Those two purposes are going to  
cross at times.


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