[squeak-dev] Hydra benchmarking

Andreas Raab andreas.raab at gmx.de
Tue Feb 26 06:45:28 UTC 2008

Hi -

I was demoing Hydra at VPRI today and Yoshiki came up with a nice little 
idea for a Hydra benchmark. It basically goes like this:

HydraVM doIt: 'Transcript cr; show: ''Background: '', 0 tinyBenchmarks' 
at: 2.
Transcript cr; show: 'Foreground: ', 0 tinyBenchmarks.

The interesting part is that on a multi-core box it "does the right 
thing" which means it basically prints the same results in roughly the 
same time.

What is weird is that on a single-core box, I get the "same results" but 
for the wrong reasons and apparently offset by a couple of seconds. It 
behaves as if first the foreground process runs and then the background 
process. Anyone having an idea how to fix the benchmark so that it comes 
up with the correct numbers on a single core box?

[BTW, if you have dual-core I'm pretty sure that extending the above by 
a couple more images will show similarly skewed results]

   - Andreas

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