Documentation options

Keith Hodges keith_hodges at
Wed Jan 2 06:28:21 UTC 2008

A slightly less radical solution which would offer the same benefit
would be if the compiler stopped parsing if it encountered six or so
comment quotes on a line like so. (perhaps this could be reduced to two)


I was asked what problem this is solving...

1. In particular I find it difficult to provide code snippets in method
comments which work via select and do-it. particularly if these code
snippets are themselves commented. I think that tutorial type
documentation would benefit from this facility.

1b. Also I have a habit of putting test code in comments at the bottom
of my methods, but again I can't comment or use quote characters in this

2. In some circumstances it is useful to use methods to hold data,
however the restriction that that data be valid smalltalk code is a pain
in some situations... i.e. the scripts in the dev image script manager
are maintained and generated from methods. However they have to be
manually pre-processed into valid smalltalk code escaping quotes and so

3. This scheme allows packages to have their own script manager like
documentation as classes within existing browser tools.


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