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Keith Hodges keith_hodges at
Wed Jan 2 17:47:13 UTC 2008

Ralph Johnson wrote:
> A better solution is to add a feature to the browser to "paste
> comment" that ensures that the thing that is being pasted is entirely
> a comment.  If the text being pasted already contains comments, it
> will "do the right thing".
> This change would be much easier to get other people to accept than a
> change to the compiler.
> People talk about language changes all the time, but they rarely
> happen.  If you want to change Squeak, it is easier to do it by
They rarely happen because the forward direction is too controlled, thus
ensuring that forks are the only option for progress on this front.

I am working hard to facilitate the forward direction being less
controlled, and to facilitate more integration between the forks if we
have newer branches. This is embodied in the "levelPlayingField" initiative.
> changing tools or libraries, not by changing the language.
> -Ralph
some thoughts...

I am not sure what "the right thing" is in this situation.

Does this mean that the result is executable in place? Can it be copied
and pasted to another workspace and
still be executed as is?

Adding features to browsers is a lost cause now that there are so many
browsers to support with such features.

I am not sure that I want all of my comments/documentation to be in
green barely legible italics.

The option of finishing method parsing at a line beginning with """"""
is trivial to add to current systems in a safe way. I am using this for
the 'Sake' documentation. Once we have an example of this in use it
might be worth looking to put in place a more comprehensive solution.


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