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OK. Then just show us some of your source code so we can figure out what you
are trying to do.





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yes, it is my first, but i understand all of the classes, etc.  I want to
make an expandable cryptology system that will have other classes with
certain methods to control the framework, or base class,  its just fancy

On 1/2/08, Ralph Johnson <johnson at> wrote: 

On Jan 2, 2008 1:39 PM, David Zmick <dz0004455 at> wrote: 
> i am working on a program with a framework, and modules that will plug
> it, and i need to know how to send a class name around. for example: i
> a method in one class, that servers as a module, that will "Procces 
> Commands" sent to the framework. I have another class that is suposed to
> manage the commands and getting them to the right place.
> ManCommands-the command managing class
> Framework-the framework that manages input/output 
> BasicModule1-a module that will eventually be used to run other "modules"
> how do i get the framework to tell ManCommands to send the command sent to
> the framework to the ProccessCommand method it BasicModule1> 

I've taught Smalltalk to a lot of people.  Based on that experience, I
think you are heading in the wrong direction.  You probably shouldn't
be talking about modules, but about classes.  You shouldn't think 
about a module that runs other modules.  Further, classes are objects,
so you usually don't pass names of classes around, but the classes

Is this your first Smalltalk system?

-Ralph Johnson 


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