Can someone explain SmartRefStream?

Jerome Peace peace_the_dreamer at
Fri Jan 4 03:26:24 UTC 2008

Can someone explain SmartRefStream?

Hi all,

Can someone please explain how smart reference stream
works and what knowledge is useful in getting it to do
ones bidding?

Context: I save my work as projects. Usually I am
working in the latest test pilot alpha but
occasionally I switch to other images such as OPLC and
Squeak-dev image.

Then if I work on the project some more and store it
out. I find I will not be able to read the project
back into the test pilot alpha image. This is true
even if the changes to the project are essentially
null. And across some images true even for an empty

Often the stream reader will ask me for a modern class
to replace the name of one I have in the image or some
such. Which of course confuses me and leaves me

There are conversion methods and even files that can
be read in to help some conversions.

What does a newbie squeaker need to know to get
SmartRefStream to do their bidding?

User story: When I have a project needing to be saved
across images. I go out to a page and a repository.
Read what is known about the conversion of projects
from one image to another. Select from a downloadable
library of helpful conversion tools each documented as
to context in which it is useful.
Create conversion files for what isn't covered. And
then have the ability to convert projects round trip.

And a knowledge of what to close, delete, eliminate
from my project before I save it to help avoid
conversion difficulties.

Expectation: Partial progess counts.  Even if this
would be an overwhelming task to do all at once, the
low hanging fruit would be a good start.  In
particular we should thing in terms of squeak-basic
and Damien's squeak-dev and squeak-web. Also in terms
of gettng squeak and squeakland/olpc squeak
more reconciled than they are now.

Baby step question one: Can the various squeaks read
each others "Empty" projects?

Baby step question zero: From this post I hope to
receive information that will put this effort further
along. Can you please help?

Cheers and happy new year.

Yours in curiosity and service, --Jeorme Peace

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