[ANN][Squeak-dev Images] January 2008 versions

Damien Cassou damien.cassou at gmail.com
Fri Jan 4 11:11:46 UTC 2008


I've just uploaded new squeak-dev and squeak-web images based on
Squeak3.9-7067 and Squeak3.10-7159.


Changes in this version:

- The 3.10 based images now have 32bits color depth. This prevents a
bug with Compiz on Linux boxes and the logo looks nicer.
- squeak-web images now contains Aida (http://www.aidaweb.si/) which
is another Smalltalk Web Application Server. You can start it on port
8888 with "SwazooServer demoStart".
- Seaside still runs on top of the http server Commanche. However, you
can run Seaside on top of Swazoo too "SwazooSeaside startOn: 8088".
- The OmniBrowser packages contains bug fixes and requested features
(Ctrl+h to browse hierarchy and Ctrl+Shift+C to show category). Feel
free to use mantis to submit more. Also, the repository is open to
commit (source.wiresong.ca/ob) and adding features is easy; please
help us making OB a great framework and the best browser.

Contained packages:

This image contains the following packages (some packages are only in
the squeak-web image):

Aida version 5.4
Announcements version 0.7
AST version 154
AutomaticMethodCategorizer version 0.24
AutomaticMethodCategorizerServices version 0.2
ClassSelectorSets version 1
DynamicBindings version 2.7
DynamicProtocols version 0.67
eCompletion version 0.89
eCompletion-Traits version 0.1
eCompletionOmniBrowser version 0.4
Installer version 1.0.130
KomHttpServer version 7.0.30
KomServices version 1.12
Magritte-Model version
Magritte-Morph version
Magritte-Seaside version
Magritte-Tests version
Mondrian version 0.40
OB-Enhancements version 0.60
OmniBrowser version 0.404
OmniBrowser-Full version 0.25
OmniBrowser-Morphic version 0.43
OmniBrowser-Refactory version 0.44
OmniBrowser-Standard version 0.312
OmniBrowser-SUnitIntegration version 0.9.1
OmniBrowser-TraitsIntegration version 0.32
Pier version current
Pier-Blog version 1.0.14-alpha.66
Pier-Documents version 1.0.14-alpha.3
Pier-EditorEnh version 1.0.14-alpha.9
Pier-Model version 1.0.14-alpha.191
Pier-OmniBrowser version 1.0.14-alpha.31
Pier-Seaside version 1.0.14-alpha.231
Pier-Security version 1.0.14-alpha.102
Pier-Tests version 1.0.14-alpha.84
Refactoring Engine version 39
RoelTyper version 0.60
RSRSS2 version 2.8.9
Scriptaculous version 2.8.228
ScriptManager version 0.6
Seaside version 2.8.522
Seaside-Adapters-Core version pmm.2.mcz
Seaside-Adapters-Swazoo version pmm.7.mcz-2
Seaside-Squeak-Adapters version pmm.3.mcz
SeasideAdaptersCompatibility version pmm.1.mcz
Shout version 3.15-tween.70
ShoutWorkspace version 1-tween.2
SmaCC runtime version 13
Sport version 2.31
Squeak dev packages version 0.17
Squeak dev packages beta version 0.20
Squeak web packages version 0.2
SUnit-improved version 4.0.108
SUnitGUI-improved version 4.0.48
Swazoo version 2.1
ToolBuilder integration for UI Themes version 0.51
UI Themes and Standard Widgets version 0.58
Universes version 41
Universes OmniBrowser version 0.35
YAXO version 9

Updating the image:

You are not obliged to download a new image if you don't want. You can
always update your image.

To upgrade your already existing squeak-dev image:

1) World menu->open...->Package Universe Browser
2) Update list from network
3) Select all upgrades
4) Install selection
5) Execute: 'DEVImageCreator default install' (all windows will be closed)

Prepared packages:

There are a lot of packages prepared for you in this image. They are
not loaded in the image, but they can be easily.

- Open Package Universe Browser (world->open...->Package Universe Browser).
- Click on "Update list from network"
- Wait a few seconds
- Select your packages
- Install them

Damien Cassou

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