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might help/interest some squeakers :)

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> From: "Rob Vens" <rob at sepher.nl>
> Date: 4 janvier 2008 15:45:17 HNEC
> To: rob at sepher.nl
> Cc: james.tilley at cititec.com
> Subject: [Esug-list] Smalltalk position (UK based)
> Following is the job description. Please respond if you are  
> interested to:
> James Tilley
> Financial Markets
> Cititec Associates Limited
> 50 Featherstone Street ,
> London, EC1Y 8RT
> t   +44 (0) 20 7608 5858
> d +44 (0) 20 7608 5813
> f  +44 (0) 20 7608 5888
> james.tilley at cititec.com
> =========
> XXX is one of the world's leading banks as measured by client  
> franchise, product breadth, geographic reach and revenues. The firm  
> provides clients with a full range of investment banking and  
> commercial banking products and services.  It advises on corporate  
> strategy and structure, raising and placing capital, making markets  
> in financial instruments and offering sophisticated risk management  
> tools and strategies.
> XXX is a world leader in derivatives trading and product  
> innovation, with structured derivative products being a particular  
> speciality. That means we need world class technologists in what is  
> a complex, ever-changing business domain, where speed-to-market of  
> technology solutions is often the driver of technology spend and  
> decision-making.
> IB Tech Exotics and Hybrids and Retail Structured Products  
> Technology provides end to end technology solutions for the  
> structuring, sales, trading and processing of all Rate Derivative,  
> Credit Derivative and Equity Derivative products traded in the  
> Investment Bank. These solutions include client facing pricing  
> tools, sophisticated trader risk management tools and models, trade  
> management and settlement systems and accounting engines. Products  
> within scope include interest rate derivatives, interest rate  
> swaps, credit default swaps, collateral debt obligations, equity  
> derivatives, foreign exchange, commodity products, and their  
> related derivative instruments.
> Kapital
> The candidate will be a member of a development team responsible  
> for the support and enhancement of the Kapital risk management  
> system in London.
> Kapital supports the non-vanilla fixed income derivatives, credit  
> hybrids derivatives, FX derivatives, and multi asset derivatives  
> businesses. It is a global system, deployed locally in London, New  
> York, and Asia Pacific. It stores the prime records for a vast  
> range of instruments (all of which can be arbitrarily combined  
> within a single deal). These include the simplest fees, swaps,  
> caps, floors, and credit default swaps through to the most complex  
> multi-asset derivatives such as FX Turbo Swaps, Interest Rate and  
> FX Range Notes, and credit hybrids basket derivatives.
> Role
> The role will require the candidate to develop detailed knowledge  
> of both derivatives trading businesses and OO development. The team  
> is co-located with the business, and hence requires team members to  
> have strong communication skills.
> The candidate will be working closely with front and middle office  
> users to define and document requirements.  Requirements will  
> mostly center on a detailed and technical aspect of derivatives  
> risk management. They will initially be only high level. The  
> successful applicant will be expected to be comfortable working  
> with quants and traders to efficiently refine these initial  
> requirements into a deliverable specification.
> The developers are responsible for developing, testing and  
> delivering the specification using an agile programming approach  
> resulting in software delivered on time and in budget.
> The applications delivery environment is highly object oriented and  
> written entirely in Smalltalk. If necessary, the applicant will be  
> expected to learn Smalltalk quickly and subsequently begin  
> delivering software to the business as soon as possible.
> The successful applicant is most likely to be a graduate with a  
> higher level degree or doctorate in a mathematical subject keen to  
> develop a career in a world class investment bank. They will have  
> between 1 and 3 years experience developing commercial software,  
> during which time they will have gained considerable experience of  
> Object Oriented software practices.
> Essential Skills & Experience:
> General
> Experience of application development, preferably within the  
> financial areas (Investment banks, Hedge Funds or investment groups)
> Proactive with a delivery focus approach to work and able to work  
> without direction
> Strong communication and team working skills are essential
> Excellent analytical and problem solving skills
> Candidate should have experience of structured development &  
> release/implementation practices.
> Candidate preferably has experience of working with F/O and/or M/O  
> users and able to understand their requirements quickly.
> Experience of working in a pressurized role, to tight deadlines in  
> a constantly changing environment
> Candidate should have high awareness of control and Audit  
> requirements for an investment bank and how it impacts the  
> development environment
> Finance:
> Good understanding of financial markets and products
> Technical
> The candidate should have expertise in an object oriented  
> programming language (e.g. Java, C++, C#, Smalltalk)
> Size of Team
> 17
> Is the team global
> Yes
> Who will the candidate report to
> Development Team Manager
> Core day to day activities
> Technical development and application design
> Support for BAU
> Unique selling points to this role
> Close relationship and proximity to the Front Office and Middle  
> Office.
> Project is key for the front office to develop their business and  
> keep their market shares.
> Interview process
> Project Manager and team members
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