different behaviour with MenuMorph

Enno Schwass onkelenno at mac.com
Sat Jan 5 01:29:48 UTC 2008


Its not a problem with omnibrowser itself, but its best demonstrated  

I often work with omni browser using its cool refactoring methods.  
But sometimes it
breaks my workflow. Why? The context menu in the class panel allows  
me to choose
different actions (from "file out" to "refactor instance variable").  
If I move the
hand (mouse) downwards and accidently leave the menu on the bottom,  
the menu
is still there, but mouse focus is lost. I can get back the focus  
with clicking (and not
releasing) on a certain item. Thanks to KenCausey for this hint. But  
this is not really the
behaviour I like. I wanna have mouse focus if I enter the menu area.  
You can see this
behaviour in the world menu. (left click on the background). Move  
around with the mouse.
It works. Try Ctrl-leftMouse on the background (or middle mouse) and  
you get a different
menu that has the buggy behaviour. So its different behaviour  
depending on the mouse
button you use to open a menu.

Dont know if this is a feature. Can I turn off this?


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