Arrays / collections with literal syntax - fixed size?

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Mon Jan 7 20:42:45 UTC 2008

On 7-Jan-08, at 12:30 PM, <bryce at> wrote:

> Lukas Renggli writes:
>>> Now I was under the impression, that a context had a copy of a  
>>> compiled
>>> method with copies of the literals, so that you could only modify  
>>> the
>>> copies but not the literals in the compiled method. But it seems  
>>> not to
>>> be that way:
>> This would turn a simple message send to be incredibly expensive.
>>> This is evil! :)
>> I want an immutability flag in the object-header!
> It may be better to implement immutability inside the image using
> immutable sub-classes and similar tricks to the write barriers for OO
> DBs

Eliot was working on an immutability bit in May. Generally speaking  
I'd be happy to support it in whatever way he did/does it. Never yet  
met anyone as good as him at working this stuff out.

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