Squeak code now browsable and bookmarkable on the Web

Paolo Bonzini bonzini at gnu.org
Tue Jan 8 09:40:14 UTC 2008

> Never heard that putting '.html' is for a good spirit.
> In my view, when URL terminates with .html extension it's shows that
> current page are plain file (with .html extension), and .php, .jsp are
> content generated by corresponding engine.

Your view is a webserver's view, not a user's view.

Most sites in existence have a dynamic part (for example the navigation) 
in the URL; but a site that is 99% static and yet shows what engine is 
used for that 1%, is a bad site IMNSHO.  A user couldn't care less about 
what engine is used.  Though I must say that most users are probably 
ambivalent about having .html or not having it.

Maybe you would both agree on


The former for the doc, the second for the source?


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