(Integer readFrom: 'abc' readStream) = 0

Zulq Alam me at zulq.net
Tue Jan 8 14:57:46 UTC 2008

I was surprised to find that Integer class>>#readFrom: returns 0 when it 
doesn't find an integer. So, (Integer readFrom: 'abc' readStream) = 0 is 
true. This seems wrong to me although it's consistent with the method 
comment and VisualWorks. I was expecting an error. What's the reasoning 
behind this?

I'm looking for the Smalltalk equivalent of:

try {
catch (NumberFormatException e) {
   // do something

I found SqNumberParser which appears to be what I want:

(SqNumberParser on: 'abc')
	nextIntegerBase: 10
	ifFail: [self doSomething]

This works but, is it the right / good way?

Does the Sq prefix mean this parser is expecting Squeak format numbers? 
If so, what is this format?

Also, how is this done in other smalltalks?


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