Squeak code now browsable and bookmarkable on the Web

Ramon Leon ramon.leon at allresnet.com
Tue Jan 8 16:23:56 UTC 2008

> > Your view is a webserver's view, not a user's view.

Exactly, users don't care, it's all html to them.

> Well, we were forced to become ambivalent .. But now this 
> habbit goes just too far. Not having an extension at all is 
> not nice to me because I don't know what to expect behind 
> that link. There is no user feedback and such feedback is one 
> of postulates of good, friendly user interface.

IMHO, blogs established long ago that clean extentionless urls are
preferable.  File extensions, especially when you aren't even serving files,
seems rather pointless and old fashioned.  You're in a web browser, what
else do you expect but html?

Ramon Leon

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