Programmatically save image, and also do it periodically

David T. Lewis lewis at
Wed Jan 9 03:25:11 UTC 2008

On Tue, Jan 08, 2008 at 03:13:38PM -0600, itsme213 wrote:
> "Keith Hodges" <keith_hodges at> wrote in message
> > OSProcess is able to fork the image and save it, so as not to interupt
> > the running image.
> I found OSProcess but don't know how to "fork an image", actually I'm almost 
> out of time for this "feature" :-) If you know it off the top of your head 
> please shoot me a hint.


Assuming that you are running a Unix VM and that you have loaded the
OSProcess package, you can use "UnixProcess saveImageInBackground" or
"UnixProcess saveImageInBackgroundNicely".

Here is an explanation from the underlying #saveImageInBackground:nice: method

saveImageInBackground: savedImageName nice: niceFlag
	"When Squeak is used as a server it is sometimes desirable to periodically
	save image snapshots. This method forks a headless Squeak to perform a
	snapshot without impacting the server Squeak. Very little additional memory
	is required to do this because Unix copy-on-write memory management allows
	the two Squeak images to share object memory while the save is performed.
	The saved image is given a time stamped name, and the image name of
	the main server Squeak remains unchanged. If niceFlag is true, the
	background OS process runs at lowered scheduling priority."


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