Big Tools question - Why no way to "scope" tools to less than Global?

Zulq Alam me at
Wed Jan 9 12:53:02 UTC 2008

Ok, I've uploaded OB-PackageScopedMenuItems-za.1.mcz which includes the 
fix for #classesAndMetaClasses.


Lukas Renggli wrote:
>> I've uploaded OB-Standard-za.311.mcz.
>> I'd like to do add some unit tests but am not sure what packages and
>> versions I need to load?
> That would be a good candidate for a separate package. I am pretty
> sure that porters to other Smalltalk dialects (GemStone) are not
> really happy about the dependency to the Squeak Package manager.
> Also the code is bugged, it only considers the instance-side, use
> #classesAndMetaClasses instead of just #classes.
> Lukas

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