squeakmap and EOCD Position

karl karl.ramberg at comhem.se
Wed Jan 9 21:05:17 UTC 2008

Norbert Hartl wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a strange thing trying to load the Glorp package
> via squeakmap. If I try to load the package I get the
> "Can't find EOCD Position" which is correct as the 
> data which is returned contains an html page with the
> login form from squeakmap. If I go to the squeakmap 
> entry and to the version and click on the URL of this
> entry I get a window with binary data. I assume this is
> the sar file. 
> Does anybody have an idea why the install action in
> squeakmap triggers the login form while downloading 
> from the URL works just perfect?
> Norbert
Is it related to this bug report ?


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