Porting Squeak to iPod touch

Dane Jensen careo at fastmail.fm
Wed Jan 9 21:09:33 UTC 2008

One would hope it'd be possible. My question is how well would it  
integrate? Is the ObjectiveCPlugin current and can it play nice with  
the cocoa on the iPod? Dunno.

But I'd love to find out!


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On Jan 8, 2008, at 8:01 AM, Mathieu Suen <mathk.sue at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi All,
> Dose anyone have try to install/port Squeak on a ipod touch?
> The ipod have a ARM processor IIRC there is a version running for an  
> ARM processor. So I should be able to compile the source for a ARM  
> processor.
> Thanks
>    Mth

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