Senders, Implementors browser - how about a "Sendees" browser?

tim Rowledge tim at
Thu Jan 10 06:28:35 UTC 2008

On 8-Jan-08, at 10:09 PM, itsme213 wrote:
> Sendees:
>  method -> set of messages (AS SENT by THAT method).
> Does such a browser exist?
Well, we've only had this for a decade or two so it's a new thing that  
may not have been noticed yet.

In the message pane of the browser, popup the menu. In either the  
senders or implementors submenu you'll see a list of all the messages  
sent in the currently selected method so you can see all the senders  
or implementors of the one you choose. The top item in each of the  
submenus is the name of the currently selected method so you can get  
to senders and implementors of that as well.

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