Senders, Implementors browser - how about a "Sendees" browser?

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Thu Jan 10 19:34:11 UTC 2008

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I'm on a roll ... so here is a real example of what auto-generated class 
documentation could look like following this approach:

> If you look over the description, you will notice that these are not 
> static types. They are just groupings of message sends per inst-Var, 
> pseudo-var, etc. as are known 100% correctly to Squeak. They are not 
> classes, groups of classes, or even message categories.
> e.g.
> This is my class C.
> I implement: #(foo, bar, baz, fooSub)
> My instances collaborate by sending:
>  #(m1, m2) to my collaborators via instVarA
>  #(m1, m5) to my collaborators via instVarB
>  #(initialize) to [self via] super
>  #(fooSub) to self
>  #(classFoo) to my class C
>  #(x1, x2, x3, ....) to others via dynamic method params
> And within each of my methods #(foo, bar, baz, fooSub)
>  here is C>>each method's narrower collaboration ...
> Do you think many ST programmers design and think in these terms? I know I 
> do. I think I would benefit *greatly* from seeing this view on both my own 
> classes, and from others' packages I want to use.
> Sophie

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