different behaviour with MenuMorph

Keith Hodges keith_hodges at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Jan 11 08:57:45 UTC 2008

Damien Cassou wrote:
> On Jan 10, 2008 5:25 AM, Tom Phoenix <rootbeer at redcat.com> wrote:
>> Here's the bug report I've put on Mantis:
>>     http://bugs.squeak.org/view.php?id=6846
> I confirm the bug and the fix.
Hello Damien and anyone else interested in working on > 3.10

Since 3.10 is approaching absolute "final final final", I have added
this fix to the page

This is a list of pending fixes that may be applied to a
LevelPlayingField image, like so...

Installer install: 'LatestUnstable'. "or"
Installer install: 'MinorFixesUnstable'.

After some testing we can move fixes to the Stable branch...

I would like to define the process a bit:

At some point we will decide to move fixes from
MinorFixesUnstable-Squeak3.10 into MinorFixes-Squeak3.10 at which point
they are considered to be a basic set of fixes that a 3.10 image may
benefit from. I propose this two step process because this is a set of
fixes that should be appropriate for building a 3.10 image for use in
production therefore it makes sense to have a defined review stage.

A future release of 3.10.1 could be a LevelPlayingField image with all
collated MinorFixes and Updates. With this process 3.9.1 may be a
similarly defined LevelPlayingField image with its MinorFixes and
Updates applied.

Anyone who uses an earlier image (say 3.8.2) who feels the need to
retro-fit a fix can do so by copying the fix into
"MinorFixes-Squeak3:8:2". It will then be available to users of 3.8.2,
by executing Installer install: 'MinorFixes'.

However we dont want to go mad with this, so I propose to ask for
volunteers to be "Version czar's" to monitor the minor fixes that exist
for each version of squeak. Whoever released 3.8.2 (I dont know who that
is) might want to be the version czar for 3.8.  Since individual
packages that need fixes in order to load into specific older images can
define their own version specific installs, there is a place to put
"fixes as needed". It is not necessary to retro fit lots of fixes into
older images. But it does make sense (to me at least) to have a place to
put some fixes, and someone to look after each version.

By the way, this process is now open to anyone to contribute to the
MinorFixesUnstable branch. The password for the wiki is "squeak", please
feel free to join in. If you do, please pop into irc #squeak and
announce/discuss the changes that you are making.

best regards


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