Changing keyboard binding

Amos aaamos at
Sat Jan 12 03:09:27 UTC 2008

I'm trying to change the keyboard binding for "Cmd + up arrow" and
"Cmd + down arrow" - they currently scroll the view up/down if the
text is long enough, which I don't use at all. But when I modify
ParagraphEditor class>>initializeCmdKeyShortcuts and/or
ParagraphEditor>>cursorUp: and cursorDown: (which seem to be assigned
by initializeCmdKeyShortcuts), it seems that these methods are called
only when the up/down arrows are pressed *without* a command key.

Does anyone know where this binding to scroll up/down is set and how I
can override it? Apparently ParagraphEditor is the wrong place, or did
I miss something? Would any of the packages mentioned in under "relevant squeak packages"



P.S.:  What I'm trying to achieve is to get "Cmd + up/down arrow" to
move the lines containing the current selection, or the current line
if nothing is selected, up/down by one line.

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