Programmatically save image, and also do it periodically

itsme213 itsme213 at
Mon Jan 14 06:47:17 UTC 2008

"Zulq Alam" <me at> wrote
>I think you could use image segments to save your domain objects. I haven't 
>used them but as I understand it you can persist a sub-graph of objects to 
>a file and load these into any image.

Thanks, Zulq. I also received a similar helpful tip from Ramon, and was 
surprised how easy it was to use several of those object-graph-aware 
streams, like ReferenceStream, SixxWriteStream, SixxReadStream. So that is 
what I will do for now.

Very sobering to think how many wrong direction I could chase without all 
the help from this group ...


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