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Squeakers -- please respond directly to Patrick Forkin.

On Jan 13, 2008 8:38 AM, Patrick Forkin <forkinpm at gmx.net> wrote:
> Hallo!
> My intent is to put together a platform which I will refer to as a
> collaborative end-user platform directed at work culture and the
> creation of work.
> It is to be based on a personal knowledge management platform using
> tools from a small group of software product owners, I have drawn together,
> to create the platform.
> I am about to publish a book in both German and English on German
> Unemployment. Two sites also in German and English will carry the platform
> and market both Book and Platform.
> The platform is directed towards end users being able to create a
> personal KM application as their "protection" against job-loss and to
> increase
> their value in today's competitive world.
> The core of the platform is twofold:
> 1. How to create a data-model covering what one wants to research and
> 2. How to research and write in two languages, English and German.
> There will be a number of additional modules and tools offered to
> enhance the ability to create personal KM bases.
> We are doing all possible in spite of the lack of usability of Microsoft
> tools and environments to make the platform friendly and easy to use.
> Within this environment we would like to offer Smalltalk and in
> particular Squeak to the end-user community together with a set of
> pre-programmend
> and pre-tested applications which should serve to show "how to".
> The applications I am most interested in for this excercise can be
> described as Ai related, rules driven or in support of KM.
> Any pre-programmed ability to import CSV files into Squeak, or HTML
> files into Squeak would be more than welcome.
> Is what I have said feasible and realistic?
> Does it sound credible to you and do you believe that it is understandable?
> If you can make any useful suggestions or direct our efforts to useful
> learning material and sites, we would be grateful.
> Thanks and regards, Patrick Forkin
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