Socket>>#waitForDataFor:ifClosed:ifTimedOut: large delay hangs process

squeakdev1 at squeakdev1 at
Tue Jan 15 07:06:20 UTC 2008

Tom, thanks for the code. I'm wondering what the consequence might be
to not waiting at all, when the clock rolls overs, as opposed to
waiting the specified time.

But my bigger concern, is that Time class>>#millisecondClockValue is
used in several other places that also do not take rollover into
account. Eg

Socket class>>#deadlineSecs:
and in 3.10
Time class >> #deadlineSecs:

and others, no doubt.

Maybe an absolute millisecond clock value could be used instead of
Time millisecondClockValue, thereby abstracting the handling of
rollover into one place. A simple implementation would be:

(Time millisecondsSince:0)

Anyone see any problem with that?

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