beware GNU Smalltalk if you want to contribute to squeak

Paolo Bonzini bonzini at
Wed Jan 16 15:23:21 UTC 2008

>> Just to be clear, if a big chunk of code was "stolen" from GNU 
>> Smalltalk and put into Squeak Core under MIT license, it would be *me* 
>> asking the FSF to take action, without waiting for them to notice.  
>> Friendly, yes; stupid, no.
>> OTOH, requiring completely clean-room engineering if features are 
>> taken from GNU Smalltalk and brought into Squeak is really over the top.
> Over the top? It rather sounds like a direct consequence of the first 
> paragraph. You are basically threatening to take action if you feel 
> something was "stolen"[*].

I have to contact the FSF to get proper "thresholds" but things I 
wouldn't care about would be: you take over some new feature (e.g. 
generators) that is quite low-level and probably requires a good deal of 
rewriting, but you copy over some comments and whatever code does not 
require code.  Things I would care about would be for example the 
bundled packages, but just because I'd say they could be placed on 
SqueakMap with the appropriate license instead of being in Squeak Core.

> [*] It always amuses me to find Squeak code verbatim in GST

Examples, please?  Seriously, because it would be copyright violation to 
bring them over without attributing properly, even if MIT license allows 

In fact I *never* looked at Squeak except for your Semaphore>>#critical: 
fixes (on which I commented here to give you the opportunity to improve 
Squeak as well) and your Delay fixes (where the idea is the same in both 
implementations, but ended up being rewritten -- the kind of thing I was 
talking about above as a "positive" example).

See for example


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