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On Jan 17, 2008 2:29 AM, Hilaire Fernandes <hilaire at> wrote:

> Le mardi 15 janvier 2008 à 21:43 +1300, Michael van der Gulik a écrit :
> >
> > I'm asking this because I'm about to embark on some significant
> > changes to the classes in Kernel and Collections for my SecureSqueak
> > project. I want the end result of this work to be released under the
> > Apache 2.0 license, if possible.  These changes are scoped to Kernel,
> > Collections and a handful of other classes.
> You should not worry about that.
> Just release your SecureSqueak -- Squeak VM + Squeak image encapsulated
> -- under the Apache 2.0 license. The SqL grant you this right.
> OLPC, Sophie, Croquet, ... people are doing that just fine.
> I am also doing that for my pet iStoa project.
> The Squeak license is more a community problem because the SqL is not
> acknowledge as a free software license by the free software community.

Is this really the case?

According to the Squeak license:

"You may distribute and sublicense such Modified Software only under the
terms of a valid, binding license that makes no representations or
warranties on behalf of Apple, and is no less protective of Apple and
Apple's rights than this License."

Is the Apache license no less protective of Apple? By my understanding, I
can't sue Apple as the result of the Squeak license nor owe then more than
US$50, and by accepting the license, I'm agreeing to indemnify and hold
Apple harmless if anybody decides to sue them because of my work based on
something derived under the Squeak license.

The Squeak license also states that any changes I make, even to sublicensed
versions, must also be made publicly available.

What I want is to make a modified version of Squeak that someone could grab
and relicense under a closed-source license for the purposes of making a
load of money. I will probably follow your example, take the risk and boldly
state that my work is released under the Apache license and keep a careful
audit log of all changes made, by whom and under which license.


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