(Integer readFrom: 'abc' readStream) = 0

Zulq Alam me at zulq.net
Thu Jan 17 00:55:32 UTC 2008

Did the SUnit tests and added some explicit tests for Integer subclasses 
and added these as a change set to the mantis entry I created 

Do you really think I should create a SqueakSource project for this 
change? It's only a couple of methods and corresponding unit tests. Or, 
did you have something else in mind.

Also, To create a Monticello package I will have to move the methods to 
*PackageName- categories. Unless, there is a way to include arbitrary 
change sets in Moniticello versions?


stephane ducasse wrote:
> since parseString: is a new message, I would suggest the following:
> - write a couple of Sunit tests
> - check that your methods work well with subclasses
> - publish the code on SqueakSource and add an entry to mantis
> - announce it to the list
> Stef
>> Others might find this useful. Especially those looking for the 
>> equivalent to Integer.parseInt in Java. What would be a good way for 
>> making these types of changes available?
>> Thanks,
>> Zulq.
>> Damien Cassou wrote:
>>> You should use #readExactlyFrom:

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