Handling keyboard input on unix when locale set to utf-8

José Luis Redrejo jredrejo at gmail.com
Fri Jan 18 16:29:32 UTC 2008

2008/1/18, danil osipchuk <danil.osipchuk at gmail.com>:
> Janko hello,
> I guess we don't need a patch because as I said the VM in unix trunk
> already has needed functionality.
> I'm at work at the moment and using windows, but yesterday's evening I
> compiled the trunk VM and it does work in the way exactly I expected  (the
> good news your are asking for :) ) on kubuntu with utf-8 locale. I actually
> entered Russian text and it was shown in panes. I had no time to try
> copy-pasting and file name listing but the keyboard input is working for
> sure.
> To do this one needs to get fonts (Andrew Tween's and others excellent
> work makes it trivial for all platforms).

Do you mean that freefont packages and plugin must be installed or using
current Bitstream fonts available in the current image could be used?

Then you need to create a LanguageEnvironment - there are examples in image.
> LanguageEnvironment provides keyboard InputInterpeter which in turn
> implements #nextCharFrom:firstEvt: (see the attached picture with the
> example which works now for all main VMs - unix, mac and windows :))
> After switching to configured language environment (Locale switchToID:
> (LocaleID isoLanguage: 'ru') ) corresponding character handling is
> installed.

Spanish LanguageEnvironment is already created in the image, and I can see
letters as ñ , ó, etc. if I open images that already contain those
characters or if I open a file containing it, but I can not type those
characters using the keyboard: Trying to type 'á' all I get is '?a'.

So, in brief, I've being testing this everytime a svn changes happens since
last september without any success, so, please, could you explain in more
details your steps, specially:
- image you used
- fonts you used
- use it without freefont package and freefont plugin

and assure that character with dead keys (accents) work in your keyboard?

Thanks for your info.
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