Use FFI to dynamically load shared library on Mac OS 10.5

Joshua Gargus schwa at
Fri Jan 18 21:01:00 UTC 2008

The problem may not be that you aren't loading the library, it may be  
that you're not finding the address of the function within the  
library.  If you execute 'Smalltalk listLoadedModules' after a failed  
invocation attempt, does your shared library show up in the list?


On Jan 18, 2008, at 12:55 PM, James Foster wrote:

> I'm trying to dynamically load a shared library (.so) and  
> consistently get "Unable to find function address." I have tried  
> putting the library in a variety of locations (next to the  
> executable, next to the image, next to the FFI package, etc.) and I  
> have set the environment variable DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH to the location  
> of the library. Nothing seems to work (although the FFI tests all  
> pass). Any advice?
> James Foster

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