Converting blocks to methods

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> has anyone tried to accomplish something like
> MyNewClass addMethod:#doSomethingWith: with: [ :arg |
> 	Transcript show: arg].
> MyNewClass new doSomethingWith: 'Hello World'.
> in Squeak? This would mean, to convert a block into a method, thus
> changing the hole semantics. Outer temporaries or other variables  
> are of
> course forbidden. Literals have to be fetched out of the defining  
> method
> and brought into a new compiled method and so on. Or perhaps there are
> other possibilities? Any ideas?

one idea could be to just build a tiny compiledmethod that calls the  
e.g., you can store the block in the literalframe of the that method  
and then
call value:... on it with the correct arguments. As it's just a  
"pushLiteral, send value",
with #value being a primitive method, this should be not too slow.

Especially it preserves the semantics of the block, converting blocks  
into non-blocks
is normally no good idea as you need to explain people that they are  
not allowed
to use outer references...

So I would keep the block. Blocks are cool.

This would be fairly easy to do with IRBuilder, as you can just push  
the block as a
literal, generate a method that calls this then with the correct  
value:... this
would look like this:

addMethod: selector with: aBlock
	|  irBuilder args |

	args := (aBlock tempNames collect: #asSymbol) asArray.
	irBuilder := IRBuilder new
		numRargs: 1 + aBlock numArgs;
		addTemps: #(self);
		addTemps: args;
		pushLiteral: aBlock. "push the block as a literal"
	args do: [:each |  "maybe this needs to be done in reverse?"
		irBuilder pushTemp: each
	irBuilder send: aBlock valueSelector.
	irBuilder returnTop.
	self basicAddSelector: selector withMethod: irBuilder ir compiledMethod

(this needs the latest NewCompiler and the attached changeset).

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