About the new compiler, Part I

John Brant brant at refactoryworkers.com
Sun Jan 20 16:33:03 UTC 2008

Marcus Denker wrote:

> There was some use of the Rewriter in the, I think #emitCaseNode:. For 
> now this was removed as we do not (yet) want to make the NewCompiler 
> depend on the
> RB package. (partly because there are people whose only comment on the 
> RB is "oh, that's a lot of classes". Even today, the usefulness of 
> refactorings is not
> yet common knowledge... it's a bit like with Tests. Hard to change 
> habits...).

Unless things are packaged differently in Squeak, the rewriter is in the 
same package as the parse tree nodes. So you should be able to use the 
rewriter without including more stuff.

John Brant

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