Morphic 3 presentation at Smalltalks 2007

Juan Vuletich juan at
Tue Jan 22 02:51:02 UTC 2008

Hi Randy,

The objectives of Morphic 3 and Tweak are quite different. I wrote a 
little bit about this at . At you can read 
quite a bit about the Morphic 3 objectives.

Tweak doesn't address my concerns, especially about non linear 
coordinate systems. The 3 main features of Tweak as it says at are asynchronous events, language extensions  
and a viewing architecture. I don't find any of them especially useful 
so I'm not pursuing any integration with Tweak.

Hope this helps.

Juan Vuletich

Randy Siler wrote:
> Can you talk about Morphic 3 in relation to Tweak?
> I don't know much about this but it seems that another group is 
> building a successor to Morphic that purports to be a best of both 
> worlds (from MVC and Morphic). I'm just curious to know more.
> On Dec 23, 2007, at 7:04 AM, Juan Vuletich wrote:
>> Hi folks,
>> On Dec 10^th to Dec 12^th we had Smalltalks 2007, the first Smalltalk 
>> conference in Buenos Aires, Argentina. There I gave a talk and demo 
>> of Morphic 3. You can read more, get the updated Morphic 3 Squeak 
>> image, and even see a video of my talk at
>> I hope you like it!
>> Cheers,
>> Juan Vuletich

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