Common enough to include it?

Sebastian Sastre ssastre at
Tue Jan 22 16:42:16 UTC 2008

Hi there,

	I've found a couple of simple but nice conveniences in collections:

	A) To be able to do things like:
		persons collectAspect: #surname

collectAspect: aSymbol
	"Collects the element's answer to aSymbol"
	^ self collect:[:each| each perform: aSymbol]

	B) To be able to do things like:

		1 to: 12 collect:[:i| (Month nameOfMonth: i) asString ]

to: stop collect: aBlock 
	"Evaluate aBlock and adds it's answer to results 
	for each element of the interval (self to: stop by: 1)."
	| nextValue results |
	nextValue _ self.
	results := OrderedCollection new.
	[nextValue <= stop]
			[results add: (aBlock value: nextValue).
			nextValue _ nextValue + 1].
	^ results 

	Maybe they are universal enough to include in base?

Sebastian Sastre
PS: I'm proposing to use this #collectAspect: in the very same way of #pluck
as you can found it in Prototype enumerable, a kind of collection
abstraction for javascript.

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