Changing Fonts to Century Gothic

Giuseppe Luigi Punzi glpunzi at
Tue Jan 22 17:58:40 UTC 2008

Is misspelled only in the emails :)

As I said, The same image, in a MacBook, render the same font, in other way.

Same Image:
Windows Render <> Mac Render


On Tue, 22 Jan 2008 08:16:32 -0800
"Tom Phoenix" <rootbeer at> wrote:

> On Jan 22, 2008 1:50 AM, Giuseppe Luigi Punzi <glpunzi at> wrote:
> > But I need to study this. I opened my "new" image from my MacBook at home, and the
> > Century Ghotic font, doesn't "see" like Century Ghotic on my Windows machine at work.
> This is the second message in which you've misspelled the name of the
> font that you're having trouble loading. Is the name misspelled also
> in your source code?
> Cheers!
> --Tom Phoenix

Giuseppe Luigi Punzi <glpunzi at>

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