Morphic 3 presentation at Smalltalks 2007

Juan Vuletich juan at
Tue Jan 22 19:03:10 UTC 2008

Hi Jason,

I'm not doing Morphic 3 to suit the average programmer needs, in the 
same way Morphic was not built for that. You (everybody!) should watch 
the ARK and Self videos.

If all you want is a GUI buider, don't waste your time with Squeak. Most 
other Smalltalk dialects include WindowBuilder, the father of all GUI 
builders. Consider Visual Smalltalk, Smalltalk Express, VisualWorks, 
Dolphin or VA Smalltalk. I believe all of them are free or have 
non-commercial variants.

If you still believe the world needs another GUI builder, I see two 
ways. You could work on it (I'd be happy to integrate your work in 
Morphic 3), or you could raise money to allow me to leave my paid job 
and work on it. As Tim says "one MILLION euros"! Also, I believe that 
anyone working on a Squeak GUI builder should do it for ToolBuilder.

Juan Vuletich

Jason Johnson wrote:
> On Jan 22, 2008 3:51 AM, Juan Vuletich <juan at> wrote:
>> Hi Randy,
>> Tweak doesn't address my concerns, especially about non linear
>> coordinate systems.
> But I think the state-of-the-art system should be good for Gurus and
> average programmers as well.  That is, it should be really good at
> pumping out the average GUI that usually gets made.
> For most programmers, a non-linear coordinate system is totally
> irrelevant.  What will Morphic 3 have that makes it fast and effective
> for developing GUI's?  Sad to say, but so far the best system I have
> seen for letting one build a GUI "directly" is probably C#.

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