Publishing Projects continues forever

Herbert König herbertkoenig at
Wed Jan 23 11:50:50 UTC 2008

Hello Edgar,

EJDC> I see this behavior sometimes.
EJDC> As I currently researching all related to export from one image and load in
EJDC> a different one (example OLPC to 3.10) , wish know more.

what I'm doing is restart from a fresh image because of 32MB size of
changes file. I keep my documentation in projects and use projects as
a creativity tool for drawing (building) user interfaces.

The problem can be solved by opening a browser in the project before
saving it. This gives several warnings, which I ignore and then it

EJDC> If you wish put your image at

I'll mail you in private.

EJDC>  ftp://elpelotero:elpelotero@


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