Any current package for Aspect-like functionality

itsme213 itsme213 at
Wed Jan 23 19:14:35 UTC 2008

Hi Michael,

> please take a look at
> - context-oriented programming could do the trick for you. An
> implementation for Squeak is available.

This looks very promising. If I may check a couple of things, please:
  - what is the license?
  - any papers or other docs specific to ContextS?
  - dependencies? squeak 3.9? AspectS? others?
  - in your opinion, is it stable enough to use to develop a commercial app?
  - any thoughts on challenges of developing/debugging using ContextS?

btw: I tried loading
directly in a 3.9 image and got a few errors with a Pragma: in 
CsAnnotationsTest (I think pragmas expect symbols rather than classes). I 
was able to skip these.

Many thanks,


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