Delta streams status (was Re: monticello question)

Göran Krampe goran at
Wed Jan 23 22:28:04 UTC 2008


> If you plan to replace changeset and tools. Will you have
> classDefinition as first class entity vs. Doit as it is now?
> Because class definition as doit makes the replay of functionality
> quite tedious.

ALL code modifications are first class entities. And note that the basic
functionality of Deltas are more or less there already - I demonstrated it
at OOPSLA in october and the... bof1 movie has that IIRC. :)

I am truly happy that Matthew stepped up and did so much work on it - I
have unfortunately been swamped. But my "swampedness" has some positive
sides - a bit of it is Gjallar related - and that benefits Squeak in
general since quite a bit of what we do there gets fed back as useful
stuff in general.

regards, Göran

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