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Thu Jan 24 04:22:39 UTC 2008

Newspeak introduces a lookup of classes. Classes are looked up pretty  
much the same way that methods are. This is a mechanism called  
virtual classes. It exists in many different systems such as Keris,  
gbeta, Caesar/J, Scala.

It seems that Michael's proposal takes a different approach, where  
import statements enable a class version to be visible in a namespace.


On 23 Jan 2008, at 21:39, itsme213 wrote:

> "Michael Haupt" <mhaupt at> wrote in message
>> reading your posting, I had the impression there might be some
>> relations to Gilad Bracha's work on Newspeak...
> Wow. I just read some of that work. It seems to be remarkably clean &
> consistent with Smalltalk (to me ... insert standard newbie disclaimer
> here).
> The biggest difference between his work and Michael van der Gulik's  
> work at
> is that Gilad turns names into  
> accessors
> (rather than symbol keys in a dictionary), gaining all kinds of other
> advantages that would be impossible otherwise. A bit cutting edge,  
> perhaps,
> with some still-open questions ... but any other option probably would
> too...
> Sophie

Alexandre Bergel

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