Morphic 3 presentation at Smalltalks 2007

Juan Vuletich juan at
Thu Jan 24 09:29:42 UTC 2008

Hi Laurence,

I really welcome everybody's opinion. I want to know how the Squeak 
community sees my project.

And I fully agree with all you say. Morphic 3 will have a set of 
standard widgets. Not to please some "average programmer", but because I 
find it useful. What I don't have in my current plans is to work on a 
GUI builder. But this doesn't mean that it can not be done. I welcome 
not only input,  but code. If people likes Morphic 3 and want to help, 
this is something that can be done.

Juan Vuletich

Laurence Rozier wrote:
> To be clear I fully respect your free time and choices so if none of 
> this matters to you it's fine by me. I just think that when you say 
> you are working on Morphic 3.0 with the implication that it is the 
> future of the Squeak GUI you're inviting input.
> There are a lot of "average programmers" who are very bright and 
> motivated people that happen to have other full time professions. What 
> they want are a set of rock-solid components they can use out of the 
> box to code basic interfaces - the list of Widgets/V components 
> <>, though 17 years old 
> isn't far off the mark. The GUI builder in Widgets/V left a lot to be 
> desired - which is how/why it evolved into WindowBuilder, but the 
> components opened a new world of possibilities for "average 
> programmers". None of the current Squeak GUIs - Morphic, E-Toys or 
> Tweak provide these rock-solid components out of the box, but it seems 
> like Morphic 3.0 could as a matter of course. I like many of the ideas 
> in Morphic 3.0 and don't see having a set of practical, core 
> components as being in conflict with them. In fact, I think they are 
> complimentary in many respects - they provide excellent test suites 
> and broaden the base of testers which always helps any GUI.
> Cheers,
> Laurence

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