Any current package for Aspect-like functionality

itsme213 itsme213 at
Thu Jan 24 15:26:05 UTC 2008

"Michael Haupt" <mhaupt at> wrote in message

> It's a research prototype. That should answer both above questions. :-)

I can tell from some of the #flag notes in the code :-)

>> Hi Michael, will that updated version load in 3.9 or 3.10?
> most likely not, unless Traits are removed from yon Squeak images.

Any pointer to how I might "remove" Traits from my image, and if that would 
break other packages that used traits? Do you think that, due to how traits 
are "flattened" at compilation, those other packages will continue to work 
(and not using things like

> supporting Traits-bestowed images would
> mean in-depth changes, which we don't have the time to apply.

Understood. CoP sounds _really_ right for some problems, I sincerely hope it 
can remain an option with 3.9/3.10, as going to 3.8 will be difficult.

Thanks -- Sophie 

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