squeak releases, now and in the future (reply to Matthew)

Jerome Peace peace_the_dreamer at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 27 07:20:36 UTC 2008

squeak releases, now and in the future (reply to

Hi Matthew,

I don't have a direct reply to your post. I do want to
thank you for replying. The level of information was
great. I need to think about it rather than respond.

I do want to pick up on just one thing that you

Matthew Fulmer tapplek at gmail.com 
Mon Jan 21 22:41:15 UTC 2008 

>Should the release team focus on one facet at the
expense of the
others? No!

What I am searching for is a sense of what the role
and purpose of the release team is and will be. Right
now I am uncomfortable with the lack of communicated
direction. (Emphasis on the word communicated.)

This thread and your response have helped inform. I've
also pick up some clues by looking at the logs of the
irc channel.


Yours in service and curiosity, --Jerome Peace

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