Problem getting bitmap fonts into the image

Benjamin Andresen bandresen at
Sun Jan 27 23:56:16 UTC 2008

Hello list, I hope I'm appropriate.

I'm having a rather hard time getting bitmap fonts into the squeak

I'm using fonts named proggyfonts[1] for my terminals, emacs and other
places where I need fixed-width fonts. And I would like to use them in
squeak too. I just can't seem to manage it.

I installed a pcf -> bdf converter, but the resulting bdf file didn't
want to be read by the BDFFontReader.

I tried most stuff that is in the wiki about bdf fonts, but the data
seems to be from around 2000 and maybe aren't applicable any longer.

For testing and sanity check (I'm sitting at the problem for over an
hour now., I tried to use the helvica fonts that were used in the class
comment of BDFFontReader (they were dated from 1990, so they would've
been the ones the author used, I guess.) and they didn't convert either.

Any help appreciated and thanks in advance.

If TTF is a must, is there maybe a way to get bitmap fonts into that
format without ending looking bah? :-)



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