[help] How can I get from an array of byte sized integers to a bitmap.

Herbert König herbertkoenig at gmx.net
Mon Jan 28 10:29:45 UTC 2008

Hello Jerome,

JP> [help] How can I get from an array of byte sized
JP> integers to a bitmap.

I think this is a classical BitBlt. My problem are 800 FloatArrays,
each 300 entries.

BitBlt just has many many options. One rule is: one big BitBlt is
faster than many small BitBlts.

JP> I have an array of integers (all less than 255 ).
JP> I have a color form and a pallette for 255 colors.
JP> I have the number of columns and rows that the array
JP> represents.
JP> I want to create a bitmap to map the array onto its
JP> pallette. I'm not quite sure what the intervening
JP> steps are.

Right now i look into my code and I don't understand it in the time I
have. Sorry! But I have an Array of 256 Forms each representing a
possible shade of blue. That was necessary when a dot was bigger than
1 at 1 pixels.

But I know there are ways to fill a Form from an Array (ByteArray?) and
vice versa, search the list for storing an image in a method.

JP> Anyone know of an easy and robust way to do this?

I didn't find BitBlt easy but it's robust.


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