Running code on image startup

Edgar J. De Cleene edgardec2001 at
Mon Jan 28 12:48:51 UTC 2008

El 1/28/08 8:16 AM, "Luke Gorrie" <lukego at> escribió:

> OK, now I reckon I see how 'postscript's work in ChangeSets and
> Monticello repositories.
> Unfortunately when I use the Monticello feature 'Edit postscript' with
> Monticello version kph-434 in the OLPC XO image I end up in the
> debugger with "MessageNotUnderstood: PackageInfo>>postscript"
> Any ideas? Or is that too XO-specific for this list?
 "Normal" Monticello don't have preamble or postcript.
For Normal I meant the version on 3.10 , which Ralph modify for we in
release team use.
But Monticello have several flavors and Impara have versions which manage
preamble and postcript.
Another posibility is your have your own how to.
Add a class method #processMonticello which in turns call your own #preamble
and #postcript.

Steal of ChangeSets , your codes should be some like
self preamble.
self load: myExternalThing.
self postcript

and in Workspace you do

Mystuff processMonticello

Next question ? :=)


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