Unique all characters?

Eliot Miranda eliot.miranda at gmail.com
Mon Jan 28 18:23:57 UTC 2008

Hi All,

    having just stumbled across the fact that only characters with codes
from 0 to 255 are unique I wondered whether anyone has considered doing the

Character addClassVarNamed: 'LargeCodeCharacters'.

*Character class methods for class initialization*
    [*LargeCodeCharacters* := *WeakSet* new

*Character class methods for instance creation*
*value:* *anInteger*
    *"Answer the Character whose value is anInteger."*

    | *theCharacter* *existingInstanceOrNil* |
    *anInteger* <= 255 ifTrue:
        [*^**CharacterTable* at: *anInteger* + 1].
    *theCharacter* *:=* *self* basicNew setValue: *anInteger*.
    *^*(*existingInstanceOrNil* *:=* *LargeCodeCharacters* like: *
        ifNil: [*LargeCodeCharacters* add: *theCharacter*]
        ifNotNil: [*existingInstanceOrNil*]

Yes this has the potential to create a lot of space overhead, but only for
artificial codes that enumerate over all characters.  I suspect that for
most cases the actual set of active characters would be quite small.

(Alternatives that are indexed by integers might also work well, e.g. a flat
WeakValueDictionary that used a WeakArray for its values).

Just a thought...
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