Elections and elections team

Daniel Vainsencher danielv at tx.technion.ac.il
Tue Jan 29 19:14:36 UTC 2008

Hi everyone.

Last year I was the election team lead, and ran the election with Ron 
and a lot of help from others, like Cees and Ken. This year I'm stepping 
down as lead because I don't have the time, and don't want the election 
to be delayed (more?) because of it.

I hear that Goran is willing to lead the election team this year, and I 
give his bid my full support - Goran has always cared about how this 
community works, and done important work on fixing what's been broken. 
If someone else wants the job, this is the time to say something. In 
fact, anyone interested in the elections should join the elections list, 
and open discussions there, and maybe help out. I'll still be there, of 

Anyway, I think the elections work, and aren't broken, but I'm sure they 
can be improved. But its time for someone else's perspective on this 

Daniel Vainsencher

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